DentView develops personalized oral care co-funded by the EU

DentView’s latest development project is receiving co-funding by the European Union, with
title “Personalized preventive care system and business preparation for the Nordic countries”.

The project aims at three main goals: Develop DentView service to provide personalized
self-care supporting the current health operations, secure our innovations with new IPR, and
prepare business within the Nordic countries.   

DentView is transforming oral healthcare, focusing on prevention and data-based operations
management as recommended by the WHO. The co-funding from the European Union will
accelerate the deployment of next-generation features in the DentView product suite. This
not only broadens our market reach but also ensures that a greater number of people have
equal access to state-of-the-art oral care services.

The project was started in May and the first results are very promising.

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